Hairy All Over

Some chicks are just hairy all over.

Felix is hairy all over, knows it, and loves it. And if you look real close…

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You can see she’s got a little hair under her under arms!

And as you very well know, hairy arm pits are always sexy!

Hairy Pussy Naked Outside

Claire is the kind of girl who believes that everything should be all natural. If she could she would save the world, and if not she’s gonna die trying. She loves being outside!

And even hotter, she loves being naked outside.

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Best of all, she’s got a hairy pussy. A nice, full, bushy, hairy pussy!

And she loves making sure that everyone knows about it!

New Hairy Pet

Angela is our new hairy pet. She’s young and tight and pretty much hairy all over. Looks at those little titties Angela has – perky and tiny, the perfect mouthful!

But it’s not about the tits for us… It’s about the pussy hair. Angela has that covered.

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She’s sitting on the bed and down below she’s sitting on her floor, legs spread, playing with her pussy… Because, you know, playing with her bushy pussy always turns her on!

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